Darker than life - coffee

packaging design

We were asked to create the new identity, logotype, and packaging design for the new uprising coffee brand, Darker than life.

The packaging design was inspired by the heavy metal subculture witch gave the brand an edgy tonality and typography that was needed to bring the brand name to life. But it also needed a pay-off that would be able to live up to its name. So “no sleep for the wicked” was born. The dark theme combined with the paper bag texture, emphasize curiosity and brand awareness. 

Not your average coffee

Darker than life, as a brand idea, came from The fact that everyone has some form of darkness in their life, but that first coffee of the day can be the pick me up we need from day to day, to really ensure that the darkest thing in life should be what you drink. 

Darker than life coffee donates 5kr of every bag sold to Charity – to support the struggles experienced on a daily basis.