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30 years research into human nature. 
Scientific proof that free will does not exist.
Latest discoveries about free will. 
What is freedom of choice 
Money Back Guarantee
This book is the result of the extensive research about our daily life motions. We are sure that you will be enlightened with a new vision resulting positive changes in your life, however if you're unsatisfied for any reason simply send us an email and your purchase price will be refunded with no questions asked, no need to return the book and no need to have the packing and mailing hassles, just pass the book to your loved one's. We have the confident that it will make positive changes in their lives.
HUMAN EQUALS MACHINE is the result of 30 years of research into human nature. Eddie Rafii’s experiments examining human nature lead us to this fact: WE DO NOT MOVE UNLESS WE ARE BOTHERED. These experiments have opened a new window into the word of psychology and revealed that every single human motion is based on only 7 facts.

Rafii's 7 Facts:
Fact 1 - We always want to be comfortable.  
Fact 2 - We make motions only when we lose our comfort (balance). 
Fact 3 - A loss of balance always generates a want in us.
Fact 4 - There is always suffering and joy associated with every motion.
Fact 5 - The more we suffer, the more we enjoy.
Fact 6 - The outcome of our want and fear determines our motion.
Fact 7-  The degrees of our personality and physical characteristics, as well as mental and environmental conditions determine the level of our wants and fears, we perform motions according to the outcome of our wants and fears. 

Every human is a machine and works perfectly per its specification affected by the environmental conditions. The specification and the property (DNA) of each person are combined of three following groups of characteristics:
1- The degree of each personality characteristics
2- The degree of each physical characteristics
3- The degree of each mental condition

The author’s experiments and a chain of logic prove that free will does not exist; we are driven only by the outcomes of our wants and fears.
Emotions such as love, anger, hate, envy, joy, and sadness are feelings. These feelings mirror certain chemical transactions in our bodies and brains. Consumption of alcoholic beverages makes us feel happy or sad due to chemical transactions in our bodies. Using drugs and smoking marijuana changes our mood by creating certain chemicals in our brains. Listening to poetry or music generates specific chemicals in our brains that result in specific emotional reactions. Depression, anxiety, and manic behavior could become our norm through the consumption of certain chemical formulas… 

There is nothing such as emotions beyond our bodies. Emotional feelings mirror chemical transactions in our bodies and brains, and no independent power like freewill or decision making exists in human nature.


© Copyright 1978 Eddie Rafii.  All Rights Reserved